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Ocean Wave

 My thanks to all the wonderful people who write tutorials!
I was a newbie to Paint Shop Pro in January 2001. My digital graphic skill has developed because of the friends  who have taught me with their tutorials.

My links page has links to many great PSP sites.
Thank you tutorial writers one and all!!
Page 2
Non-ACEO Paint Shop Pro graphics displayed separately
instead of  as a slide show.
I hope you'll take a peek..
Page 3
Non ACEO ....Native American graphics
                  Digital Art Painting ACEO
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This page was last updated on: November 4, 2020
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ACEO stands for: ... Art Cards Editions and Originals. 
They may be created in any medium as long as they are the size of 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Clicking here or on the image above will take you to my ACEO Ebay auctions.

The above "Deer in Moonlight" was  voted best in the "Digital Image Manipulation" category of the ACEO YBA (Year's Best Awards).. ..It is a combination of my photography of the moon and deer, with my digitally painted snow scene .... I also work in watercolors and photography. The link in the navigation bar Nature ACEO will take you to some of my nature and wildlife photography ACEO..
Click here to see my Original Watercolor paintings ...
Loons in Moonlight