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 The tubes and seamless tiles in my Freebies  section  are free for you to use on personal pages or for other personal use. They are not for use on commercial sites without written permission.  They are not to be included on any  graphics  CDs or offered for sale.
Please do not claim them as your own.
Download the graphics to your own site and do not link directly to the graphics.  Just right click and save as .bmp (PSP7) or .jpg (PSP9) then add to your PSP patterns folder. The tubes are zipped
and can be opened by unzipping with a program like Winzip. 
 Put them in your PSP tubes folders.
I would appreciate a link to my site if you use my graphics on your site.  Link button is below.
  I would love to see how you use them. Thank you!

This Freebie section is the only area  where I will have pages of  graphics that I will share.  I will link all my Freebie/Sharing pages from this page and to each other. My other  pages have my original photos and  some graphics that have my exclusive copyright, and it is stated as such on  those pages. Those photos and graphics are available for viewing from my home page, and not to be removed. Thank you.

Quilt tiles 1
Gingham tiles
Plaid tiles
 Illusionae tiles   A
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 Illusionae tiles  B 
 Illusionae tiles   C
PSP Tubes
Simple seamless tiles with mini-tute
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Special-Moon-Simple seamless tiles with mini-tute
Various other tiles
Newer  Quilt tiles  pages 3 & 4,   

Quilt tiles 2
TIP: if you would like a lighter shade of any tile,
open in PSP, add a layer of white on top, lower the opacity of the white layer
until you like it, merge layers and save.
The BG on this page is a lighter version of the tile in my header.

   Moonlit Water  tutorial,   September 9, 2006
Quilt tiles 3
Newer Tubes  page 4,  

Quilt tiles 4
If you have a moment, take a look at my
Quilt and Country notecards section.
My cards are created in Paint Shop Pro.

I accept payment by Paypal, money order or personal check.

New  "Painterly"  tiles added September 21, 2007 

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