#90 Rooster
#168 Farm
#68 Hats
#198 Apple Pie
#166 Lambs
#200 Blue Kitty
Please send your name and address by email using "Quilt Card" in the subject line,
and I will send you a free card as a sample of my work.
Let me know which card you would like.

Size and materials information, 
as well as pricing and shipping information, is on Quilt cards page 1.
 Quilt cards 1               Quilt cards 2              Quilt cards 3        Quilt cards 5        
The cards were created by
Taiga Designs
using Paint Shop Pro 7.04
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This page was last updated on: May 2, 2018
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#175 Thistle
#157 Pumpkins
#167 Goose
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