My name is Taiga. I am a 12 year old, very lovable Yellow Lab. My  long name is:

Naiad II Taiga on Your Shore MH

 MH stands for Master Hunter, a title which I earned when I was two and a half years old. I earned it by completing the American Kennel Club Hunt Test Series for Junior, Senior, and Master hunting. My "Mom", (who types all this stuff for me), was my handler. She trained me so that I would know what to do and what not to do. She had a lot of help from friends who love to train retievers also. Some of our friends are pro trainers, and some are just plain folks who love the game. We trained every day beginning the serious stuff when I was 4 months old. Sometimes "Mom" and I trained alone, and sometimes we were with a  group helping each other. We loved the work and I learned fast. 

I have a very famous uncle, 
FC-AFC MD Houston, who was a Champion Field Trial dog. My father, FC-AFC Black Gold Kate's Rascal, and he were litter mates. My mother's name was Gandalf's Golden Avis JH, and she was a super hunting dog! I was able to visit her when I was young. 

Taiga in  May 2001, 8 years old
Taiga at 2 years old
Taiga at 6 years old
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Taiga at 2 years old
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Taiga  has suffered from Cushings disease  and lost  her valiant fight on Saturday February 18, 2006. 
She would have been 13 on March 19, 2006.
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