Moonlit Water
Tutorial written September 9, 2006
by Hannah Clements of Taiga Designs
#3:  Select the portion that you wish to have as water, as I have done.
#4:  Apply "Effects/Artistic Effects/Enamel" .with these settings.
#5:  Apply Effects/Distortion Effects/Twirl with these settings, or play until you like the look.
Now you can leave it, or add the following Effects/Art Media Effects/Brush Strokes..
#6: To achieve  the glow of the moon on the water, I duplicated the moon tube I had added behind the mountains. I brought the moon dupe, forward and "Smudged" it all around on top of the water. I then gave it a layer blend of "Dodge" to get the glow.

Another tip: To get good silhouettes, add your tubes of trees, animals, boats or whatever, and then go to "Adjust/Brightness and Contrast" and take the "Brightness" way down to minus 150 or so. It is really very easy to make lovely moonlit scenes.. .
I hope you have fun and enjoy trying this way of making moonlit water!
Email me wiith any questions.
My tutorial was inspired by a sunset tutorial from which I freelanced the image below. I left the water in this image after I had given it my "Enamel" and "Twirl" effects. The Sunset tutorial by Atul Takur is here.
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This tutorial is an attempt to show how to create moonlight on water. I am using PSP X, so I hope it is adaptable to other versions also. A basic knowledge of Paint Shop Pro is presumed.

The silhouetted portions of my graphic will not be written up, as this is primarily to show how I do my water. Tubes and other additions are to be your own creations.
My Pine Trees were created from a tutorial by my friend CDRMom. You can find her tutorial by clicking here and looking for her Pine Trees tutorial. See my tip below for silhouettes.

OK let's begin.
#1:  Open a new image in PSP about 450 pixels H by 550 pixels W.

#2:  Fill with a gradient of your choice.

I am including a moon PSP image, and moon PSP tube, if you wish to use them.