The Observer

Some strive to be noticed,
Others to remain unseen,
To be the observer.
It is a gift
To allow one's self time to walk slowly,
To find a hiding place 
And crawl inside.
To rejoice with mindful eyes
The sun rise as she casts her smile
across the hills.
To be the one to notice
The dewdrops afire on a spiderweb.
                                by HC 1986 & 2009

December's Fire

What bliss to sit by December's fire,
To sip the steaming mug of cocoa.
Sheepskin slippers on my feet.
I gaze upon last August's work,
A book of photographs.
Each a haven of remembrance,
A window to the past,
A fraction of eternity 
Preserved, if not captured,
To be shared for a while.
                          by HC 1986

 Music of the Maple

As trees grow old
Their seasons are never whispered,
But shouted out in harmony
For all who care to listen.

Go to the edge of everything
Where nothing hides itself
And be surrounded
By the lullaby of a gnarled sugar maple.
It is winter now.
Listen to the quiet music of December
Seeping through each and every twig.
And know that after the geese fly north,
The orchestra will strike up
A full concerto.
                                  by HC 1985

By Taiga's Mom
Owl at the Feeder

Patient, conserving, observant
Aware, curious, alert.

Where do you sit?
Where do you wait?
Towering pine, shall I name you
"The owl tree"?
Twittering finches, raucus jays,
woodpeckers, chickadees,
Fattening at my feeders.
You are the prey.
One unfortunate strikes the window.
Flash - the owl descends.
She too fattened today at my feeder.
Circle complete.
Once more she waits,
Patiently in the pine.
                                  by HC 2009

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 Walk  Alone

Run the path.
Jump the brook.
Walk alone.
Look around,
Around the trees.
Find your dream
Around the trees.
Paint your dream.
Paint the trees.

Climb the hill.
Touch the sky.
Sit alone.
Reach around
Around the clouds
Reach his spirit
Around the clouds.
Paint his spirit.
Paint the clouds.
                           by HC 2015